What fighting style did bruce lee use?

78% of people misunderstand Bruce Lee martial arts as Wing Chun just because he started to learn Wing Chun from Wing Chun kung fu grandmaster Yip Man at the age of 13.

Why did I say that it because until now when someone asks me what do I teach?

Me: I told them I teach Jeet Kune Do.

They answer: ha, what is it? is it Taekwondo?

Me: I said no is Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee Martial Art.

They answer: Oh yes Wing Chun! Bruce Lee Martial Art.

Me: I said no it is not Wing Chun anymore, yes although Bruce Lee started with Wing Chun. But his martial arts had evolved and name it Jeet Kune Do it is totally different from Wing Chun.

There are some others think that he is mixing all type of martial art like Muay Thai, Philippine martial arts, Wing Chun, Boxing, Fencing. Worse still people think that he is “father of mixed martial arts” because UFC President Dana White said that in 2004. JKD Look like MMA but actually it is very different. I don’t blame people who don’t understand this because there are a lot of people miss represents JKD as Mixed Martial Arts or as Wing Chun on Youtube.

Bruce Lee trained, the way he fought, it is perfect style with no style. When I was young I always wanted to learn his martial art but during that time there is no internet, no youtube, no facebook, no google, what I have is book and magazine to learn from and friend to practice.

During that time when I practice with my, friends, I thought Bruce Lee martial arts was Wing Chun because of the book show it and I learn from it. I also learn the way he fights in the movie too. What I learn during that time was only copy his action and fighting techniques only without understanding his martial arts.

It was until 2006 I really have the chance to learn from Sifu Mark Stewart (International Jeet Kune Do). Here I begin to learn the basic JKD strike tool of and footwork, I realize it is totally different from the book I had to learn in the past. As the year goes by I feel some part of JKD I learned is missing, I began to explore and find the answer, as I was told JKD is work in progress because Bruce Lee dies at age 32 on Jul 20, 1973, did not complete his Martial Arts.

In 2013 I was invited by one of my students to Sifu Tommy Carruthers basement training camp in Glasgow. City in Scotland, United Kingdom. From here I see a different perspective of Jeet Kune Do training method which focuses on street fight how to end a fight fast this should be Jeet Kune Do mean to be.

Jeet Kune Do has it an own unique basic striking tool, footwork and training method, it is not mixing all kind of martial art into one. It is not Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless from other martial art. If you want to know what is Jeet Kune Do? you need to be into JKD itself. Then you will understand it by yourself.  Meaning you have to learn the art first from the basic to advance from there than you will truly understand. You will not understand by reading the book or watching youtube. You need to empty your cup first and patiently learn the art from an experience JKD teacher. One day you will discover the true beauty of this art that keeps evolving.

Jeet Kune Do is a Scientific Fighting System

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