Believe in keeping things simple, direct and realistic.

Tommy Carruthers

Tommy Carruthers our chief Instructor, has various of martial art training during his early 20s, Military Self-defence, Judo, Karate, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Wing Tsun, Non-Classical Gung Fu NCGF and finally Jeet Kune Do.

He had attended Gary Dill intensive JKD instructor course in America, later on, he met Jesse Glover, Howard Williams and Ted Wong. It was actually Ted Wong who presented Tommy with instructor ranking. Tommy was formally recognised by the JKD Nucleus “Bruce Lee Educational Foundation” formal dinner event with more than 200 guest visitors

He was invited to do his JKD demo for Bruce Lee 70th Birthday 2010, Here is the video:

Coming from a high crime rates country, Tommy believe in reality of street fighting folk don’t stand still and let you do the striking, they don’t always block your punches, so you can do the fancy move, they will hit back and not always with single clean punches but wild unpredictable motions that can mix up. His realistic combat training with an emphasis on simplest direct methods to end a fight fast.

Tommy travel once a year to different countries like Italy, Cairo, Southwest England Westbury, Germany, Holland, Japan Osaka, Korea, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore to give seminars on the Original Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee’s Martial Arts.

“The drills I have devised are all based on simplicity but that doesn’t mean that they are easy by any means infact the simpler they become the more skill that is required to pull them off and this takes commitment and dedication only the folk who are willing to do this will get results” Tommy Carruthers

Here documentary video on HOW BRUCE LEE CHANGED THE WORLD. Tommy demonstrated few basic things and how they differ from the traditional martial arts.

What others instructor have said:

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Jesse Glover

Bruce Lee's first student, Non-Classical Gung-Fu

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Tim Tackett

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….the fastest hands I have ever seen!
David Peterson

Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun Combat Science

Tommy Carruthers training drills really help me improve my explosive speed, timing and reduce hesitation when striking. Each drills have their different attributes labeled, all you need to focus and do it right. The most important aspect of training is how to end fight fast.
Nico Yeo

Nico's Jeet Kune Do Training Group