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Don’t miss this chance to train with world class JKD Instructor Tommy Carruthers! If you are near Singapore, do try to make it as this is his ONLY seminar in S.E Asia

Limited slots available.

Date / Time : 30 June 2018 and 1 July 2018, 1300 – 1700 hours

Venue: 8D Dempsey Road, #03-06 S(249672)

Super Early Bird

10 slots SOLD OUT within few hours in 1 day


For Two Days Seminar

Early Bird

10 slots SOLD OUT within 10 days


For Two Days Seminar

Normal Pricing

2 more slots make payment before 29 Jun 2018


For Two Days Seminar

In a nasty street encounter, there is hardly any time to react, much less think of complicated techniques. As such, we firmly believe that self-defense techniques should be simple yet effective, and training drills should be easy for anyone to pick up.

Tommy carruthers unique training methods help students hone their attributes of

  1. Seeing Fast ( 360 degrees Awareness)
  2. Reacting Fast (Reducing Reaction Time)
  3. Moving Fast (scientifically effective response)

If you love to travel, have family members and loved ones you wish to protect, or if you just want a higher level of martial self awareness, this will be the seminar you would not want to miss.

With more than 40 years of experience in various martial arts and having to use his skills for real as a bouncer in the shadiest corners of Scotland, you can expect to witness tried-and-tested techniques that are scientifically effective in keeping you safe.

Furthermore, as Simplicity is a key focus, these techniques will be easy to pick up for anyone, regardless of their gender, age or martial art background.

You will be learning

  1. Control
  2. Timing
  3. Defending
  4. Striking

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So whether you are already a martial artist or if you simply want to start one, this might be right for you. This training is suitable for 3 groups of people.

Group 1) If you are want to learn and find out more about Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee Martial Art.

Group 2) If you are want to learn Self Defense for personal protection.

Group 3) If you are ALREADY a martial artist and want to explore more about Jeet Kune Do training methods to improve your fighting skills.

P.S: After sign up your spot, please open the welcome email letter that will give you further instructions to claim your Bonus

I’m excited as you are. See you on the other side

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