Having studied under both Sifu Mark Stewart and Sifu Tommy Carruthers, Nico is well versed in the various aspects of JKD. From his demo videos, you can see that his expression of the techniques are simple, direct and efficient, which is one of the main principles of the art. The many positive reviews from his students are a testimony to his abilities.

Ernest Wong

Pilot, Singapore Airlines (SIA)

Nico Yeo’s JKD Demo Video speaks louder than my comments, go watch his JKD Demo Video on YouTube titled “Tommy Carruthers IFO Singapore | Nico Yeo’s JKD Demo” and make your own judgement. Just so you know, this demo video of his wasn’t of any planned drills or techniques but was shot under real-time random approach. Personally, I have been training with many JKD instructors and practitioners in multiple countries, and I would consider Nico Yeo as one of the fastest Singapore JKD practitioner and one of the best JKD trainer in Singapore. Nico Yeo is one of the JKD Group Leader who has the best insights in the development of how Bruce Lee meant for JKD to be. Simple, direct, non-classical. Aimed at finishing any fight within the shortest time possible. The most practical street defence that could potentially save your life during a street attack.

Kay Fong

Cabin Crew , Singapore Airlines (SIA)

I must say instructor Nico is very experienced in JKD. I believe he is the best JKD instructor in Singapore and I’m confident in him. He is good because not only is he patient in teaching but he is also very good in demonstrating the different techniques. I’m happy learning from him and will continue to improve in JKD.

Yang Jun

Student, Secondary School

Great working with Nico Today. He’s attentive, knowledgeable and guides with a firm hand to ensure that the fundamentals are done well, before challenging the limits.

Edmund Seow

Engineer Sale

Very close focus on each student! Learn and correct your mistakes from the first lessons! Perfect to learn fast and with an accurate technic!

Jean de Feraudy

Manager/Buyer, RedMart

Patience and knowledgeable instructor. Open to new opinion and creative training.

Desmond Tan

Financial Planner , Manulife

It was Bruce lee has always had such an influence on me the art of Jeet Kune Do thus I came to know about Nico Yeo. Nico trains his students very patiently with effective step by step instruction easy to follow. His ability to analyze and break down a technique to make it easy to learn for students with different body types and ability. His training is one of the most realistic self defence I have ever trained in.

I make real big progress in Nico’s class and have gained experience of fighting under pressure test different assumed situations

Nico not only a good instructor but also a very good fighter with fast explosive reactions speed. Demo and sharing useful resources training tips and are also important part in Nico class.

Colin Li


In my opinion, although it may be a bit pricey, I think it is worth the time and effort to travel the distance to learn from instructor Nico Yeo. Throughout my training under Nico Yeo, I gained lots of valuable experiences and skills which may helped me in time of conflicts to protect our loved ones from danger. I become more confidence now! Nico Jeet Kune Do Training really teaches the most effective methods of self defence in Real World Violence existence today.

I want to thank you him for all the teachings he have gave me under his great guidance,

Kerman Tan

Student, Polytechnic

Jeet Kune Do is a very useful martial in street fight. Easy to learn and realistic. Simple direct attack to end fight fast.

Royce Hor


Interesting principles and training methods! Thanks!

Cedric Tan

Dancer, NTU Salsa En Sync

I loved it. It’s an interesting martial to learn for self defence.

Anthony Paran

Army, Singapore Arm Forces

Shifu Nico was patience in teaching us this skillful martial arts. Definitely recommended. Enjoyed much during the session! 🙂

Tan Lin King

IT Specialist, Future Senze

Nico is a very good teacher and I find all the drill he teaches are very effective and I can use efficiently

Soo Wat Sen

Students, Sesecondary School

Nico is a great Instructor which impart you skills that we be able to use in our daily life.I am always looking forward to his lesson..


Property Agent, Property Guru

Instructor explanation clear. Open up for creative training to improve the art. Patiently guide student on a proper technique

Nick Lim

Admin, The People's Association

Nico is a good instructor that have good knowledge and experience of JKD, I think Nico is the best JKD instructor in Singapore, it’s hard to find a JKD instructor like him in Singapore right now.

Sonny Low

Artists / Designers, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)

Form to Formless. Conscious to Subconscious. Learn and Unlearn. Limitless!

Ngo Sk

Business owner