Situational Awareness Self Defense

“It is terrifying just don’t realize it, this thing can happen at anywhere anytime” -women said
Things That Happen When You Don’t Realize

“No matter how good your training is if you are not alert. You are as good as no training at all.” – Nico Yeo

In my self-defense training, I always emphasize the important awareness of your surroundings. Because you can’t defense yourself from something you don’t see coming. It is best to always have your senses tuned up to where you are going and knowing what is going on around you using our peripheral view so we can avoid dangers quickly.

I train my student to keep the safe distance if a person looks suspicious walking toward you and should take note of it, be prepared to strike.

As you can see in the men in the video never keep his guard up when the woman walks near him with an ax and start conversation him, at 0:47 sec he turns his view away from her this is the time he doesn’t realize just how vulnerable he is at that moment, in just split sec everything happens so fast.

Lesson learn if someone looks suspicious walking toward you should aways keep safe distance be it a woman or men never keep your guard down. 

Use peripheral view where ever we go so we know our surroundings.

My self-defense training designed to make our students more aware, prepared, and ready for any situation that may occur in your everyday life on any given day.

I call it in my training program The 3 “A”
Awareness, Avoidance, Attack

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