Progressive indirect Attack

A Progressive indirect Attack ( PIA ) starts off with a feint or simply an uncommitted strike meant to misdirect your opponent’s reactions with the intention to open or clear a line for the real attack which follows instantaneously.

The application of the PIA is sometimes utilized to defeat opponent’s whose defense is strong and fast enough to deal with your Single Direct Attack ( SDA ).

The feint should induce the opponent to think you are going to hit him with Single Direct Attack ( SDA ) in a particular line and the distance has to be closed up a good half way by the feint this puts you a ‘half beat’ ahead of your opponent . When the opponent moves his hand or arm to cover that line, another line will open thus you change the angle of real strikes there .

The feint and real attack in PIA is executed in a single , forward motion no pulse.

In this video, you can see a low line kicks to the groin or knee when trainer block the student kick with either hand student execute a high hook kick.



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