Modified Wing Chun

The foundation of Bruce Lee’s Martial Art during the period Seattle in 1959, his main martial arts was Wing Chun which he started since the age of 13 and others various Kung Fu. Bruce was only 18-year-old back then, his first student was Jesse Glover and the second student was Ed Hart. The Later part he started teaching James Demile and Taki Kimura. At that time Bruce Lee mainly taught is Modified Wing Chun with some techniques came from other fighting systems.

After about a year, Bruce Lee started a school with his closest friends Taki Kimura as his assistant instructor, Late 1962, Bruce Lee taught James Yimm Lee and Allen Joe during their visit in Seattle for further training. From 1963 Bruce Lee left the Seattle school and moved his family to Oakland. Taki Kimura take charge of the Seattle school

Bruce Lee former student of the Seattle Era,
Jesse Glover
Ed Hart
James Demile
Taki Kimura

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