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Real Street Fighting With Machetes

As you can see here the black t-shirt guys have some martial arts skills! not bad he can kick very well but too bad his skill is more suitable for sports fight, not survival street fight like this situation.

Anyway, he should run first instead of fight with EGO! Remember the 3 A’s “Awareness, Avoidance, Attacks

If he is Aware of the weapon he would be able to keep a safe distance. So Distance is so important in our martial arts training! You stand in a correct distance, you would be able to Avoid the first slash thus able to RUN as fast possible right?

That the problem in a sport martial arts training, you are trained to kick the chest, body, inner thigh…etc because of sports rules. When coming into survival street fight. You will do the same without thinking because you are trained to be like that.

Some sport trained martial artist to argue that when coming into survival street fight they will know where to kick is simple just hit the vital target. I use to think the same way. Is easy. Maybe yes to some people but not everyone. It is easy said than done! I can tell you when you encounter this type of situation your reflexes will take over your control.

If he put them down. …. more quickly with much less physical damage.

In our Jeet Kune Do martial arts training has given our students, the only thing to focus is right on target to end a fight fast. On the very first training, we already teach our students how to end a fight fast hitting the correct target right in the first place. So our students can use their survival instinct and the natural speed of their reflexes to end a fight fast.







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