To empower people in our communities lives through the martial arts.
To help people get in shape, be safe and instill the life skills and character of a true martial artist

JKD Instructor

Nico Yeo started his martial arts journey since he was 12 year old with Shitoryu Karate-Do. During the 80s he had some encounters of real-life street fight, in his experience he learned 5 MOST IMPORTANT points to take note.

  • Once you start a fight NEVER STOP until you make sure the guys is defeated,
  • If there are too many people against you RUN AND NEVER STOP,
  • If you stop at a dead end FIGHT BACK AND NEVER GIVE UP!
  • DON’T EVER THINK ANY BYSTANDER OR YOUR FRIENDS WILL HELP YOU, but if they do help you, you are lucky this time.
  • If someone raise their voice at you using vulgarities , KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE from them and GET READY TO PREEMPTIVE STRIKE!

During NS he tried boxing and sparring with Taekwondo and other martial artist too. He continue his own daily martial arts training and continues to hone his skills.

Nico is always a fan of Bruce Lee and wanted to learn Bruce Lee Martial Arts. During the 80s and 90s you won’t be able to find any martial art schools that teach the art of JKD. The only way to learn Bruce Lee Martial Art was from book and magazines.

Nico was introduce to Mark Stewart JKD instructor from USA in year 2006 and started learning Bruce Lee Martial Art “Jeet Kune Do” from him under the lineage of Sigong Ted Wong, Bruce Lee’s protégé.

In year 2011 Gabriel one of the pioneer JKD instructor invited Nico to Wrestling Federation Singapore for training and this is when Nico discover the strength and fitness levels require in wrestling help him feel comfortable in close range fight help him sense his opponent’s energy gaining control of his opponent’s.

Here is some of his certificate achievement

  • Year 2003 he was certified coach with National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Theory Course level 1,
  • Year 2005 he was certified coach with National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Theory Course level 2. He is qualified coach register under National Registry of Coaches (NROC)
  • Year 2009 he was certified as an JKD instructor by Sifu Mark Stewart under the lineage of Sigong Ted Wong, Bruce Lee’s protégé.
  • Year 2011 National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Wrestling coach level 1 year 2012 under Coach Sergei Beloglazov, International Olympic wrestling coach

Beside all this achievement Nico also learn of lots from his senior Ernest Wong the pioneer JKD instructor. In his training is focused on applying JKD for Reality Based Self Defense (RBSD).

It was one of his students MC went to attend Tommy Carruthers 7 DAYS BASEMENT TRAINING MAY CAMP 2013 in Scotland Glasgow thus Tommy Carruther first Singapore seminar happened in Dec 2013.

In May 2014, Nico went to Sifu Tommy’s 7 day JKD camp at the Basement in Glasgow Scotland. He found out that this was the training he was looking for because there’s realistic street fighting techniques and training drills it look similar to what he use to train with Ernest Wong. During the trips he was honour to meet Greglon Lee the son of James Yimm Lee who’s “The Man Who Helped Make Bruce Lee a Success”.

In Oct 2014, Nico was recognised as Tommy Carruthers official group leader in Singapore teaching Tommy’s JKD.

March 2015 Nico was invited to SIA Group Sports Club to teach JKD for the SIA cabin crew members that is interested in Bruce Lee’s Martial Arts Jeet Kune Do.


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