Jeet Kune Do Techniques

Finger jab is the most effective striking tool in Jeet Kune Do Techniques. It is the fastest attacking weapon in JKD simply because you usually do not clench your fist, your hand is more relax you thus the speed is there, the striking look similar to a spear add a couple more inches to your reach.

To acquire quickness in the finger jab, you absolutely need a substantial amount of training including initiative speed relies on economy of motion .

Many people believe overall performance speed or actual physical speed is genetic, in spite of this, it can also be developed simply by the appropriate training method.

In this video clip, you can see the student is working on “Single Direct Attack” non-telegraphic motion from the on-guard posture finger jab to the trainer’s eye which is basically direct straightforward motions.

In this particular training drills. The trainer makes an attempt to prevent students finger jab when students throw it at his face, in a case where trainer able to block out, students progress with a second finger jab strike to trainer’s eye. This is what we call it “Attack By Combination”

To knock out an opponent fast is to hit them before they even see it, block or evade our strike. However, try hitting someone from outside the fighting measure and you will understand instantly how difficult this is. This is because of your telegraph. The more you fine-tune your telegraphs the easier you will be able to hit someone without them noticing.

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