Jeet Kune Do Doesn’t Work

Jeet Kune Do is a process, not the product – you can’t buy it. You can’t have a 3-month course or 6-month course and then you pass!  that’s it! You go and tell people you learn JKD. There is no such course. I can tell you once you stop you will lose everything. JKD is a process; it takes years to attain the skills and to maintain it.

Jeet Kune Do is not suitable for people who are impatient to learn, rushing to the next higher level training when they are not ready.

You go to next higher level when the I tell you that you are ready and not as when as you would like to.

You will go to the next higher level not based on the number of years you learn JKD but it is based on your consistency of training every week or every day be it on your own or in my training because there is no point telling people that you have been training JKD for 6 years but only learn once a month or once every two month. That is useless!

Jeet Kune Do is not suitable for people who never follow instructions and for those who always follow their own ways. I don’t discourage students from having their own ideas is just that you are not ready to do so. Especially beginners you must follow instructions clearly in order to get it right in the first place. The day will come when I say your idea is good but for the time being please follow my instructions.

Every isolated training drills there is a purpose of focusing; please focus on the purpose and achieve it on the objective of that particular training drills. At first, you will feel uncomfortable to follow the drills however it is natural, every beginner feel it too. As you persist in following my instructions, your unnatural movement will become natural thus you have achieved the objective of that particular training drills.

“Unnatural become natural and natural become unnatural”

If you are the right person I’m looking for. Please come and join Nico’s Jeet Kune Do Training Group. Let me train you personally and help you discover your full potential in martial arts and in life.

See you soon.

Thank you

Nico Yeo

Jeet Kune Do Singapore

Train Hard, Travel Safe, Live Life To The Fullest.



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