What would I learn?

You will learn Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee Martial Arts. You will learn Simple Direct Non-classical Scientific Functional Self Defense Martial Arts. Our personal survival skills in street self-defense training drill prepare you the skills to be confidence, able to identify, avoid and survive. Training included full contact in a realistic scenario training drills, multiple attacker scenarios, a robbery scenario attack with a knife, the ability to handle yourself in these scenarios using your JKD skills.

I have old injury can I join the training?

It depends on what injury you have in the past. Me too have an old injury but I still train. Be sure to test your complete physical exertions. I am talking about work out through all the range of movement of a physical exercise with resistance and without feeling any kind of discomfort or pain. Anyway, Let me ask you, in a street fight can you tell your assailant you have an old injury cannot fight?

How long it take to complete the whole course

This is not a course, it is an ongoing lessons, If you are aiming to become skilled, powerful and effective in Jeet Kune Do, you’re most likely going to need a substantial amount of training certainly three years of dedicated training, from my knowledge about JKD martial arts training, it essentially needs to do above an hour a day. Not to mention you need a dedicated training partner too.

Jeet Kune Do martial arts is involved in continuous, repeated learning and also practice, There is certainly no exact point where one can say that you have mastered the art of JKD. Practice Jeet Kune Do daily for a lifetime in order to keep you agile and healthy?

Do you do sparring?

We don’t do sparring in our training. We do something similar in our JKD training drills where each student has it own task to complete during partner drills. Self-defense is our top list of training drills putting on the protective gear and going full contact in a realistic scenario training drills, multiple attacker scenarios, a robbery scenario attack with a knife,  the ability to handle yourself in these scenarios using your JKD skills.

Do you organize competition?

As I said personal survival skills in street self-defense are our top list of training drills. So there will be no competition in JKD. Unless you want to learn JKD from me then you sign up with others gym for competition. It is up to you to decide. During training, you can ask me question about that.

Our training focus is fight with no rules, we train our students fight with multiple attack too. We call it 360 degree training drills. Let me ask you this question. What you want to achieve for martial arts training? For street self-defense or sport competition?

Is there an organization?

Yes, we are under Intercepting Fist Organization. All students need to join IFO membership after they train for 3 months with me.

Is there any grading system?

No not at the moment maybe in future IFO want to the implementation of the grading system. Let ask you a question again do you want to achieve for martial arts training for street self-defense or achievement award certificate? Because when we fight in the street we don’t have to show your certificate. Unless you want to apply for a job you need a certificate.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes once you join IFO you need to get one set of black jacket uniform from IFO

May I know your JKD lineage?

Did you read my profile page? You can find the answer there please read it JKD instructor

How can I make payment?

You can pay me cash on the first lesson. You can pay by fund transfer to my POSB saving account 073-17433-3. Please let me know which option you prefer. Thank you

Is your gym directly link to Bruce Lee foundation?

No, we do not link to Bruce Lee foundation.

I couldn't find my question on the frequent ask question, what do I do now?

If you can’t find your question in frequent ask question. You can always write your question in the contact form, so I can reply you in your email thank you very much.

Jeet Kune Do is violent martial arts?

Well, it is for self-defense not for sport. It depends on how you look at it. Nobody like violent right? You must understand this you don’t like violent doesn’t mean you can avoid violent all the time.
What happens if trouble finds you? You can’t avoid. What are you going to do?
Two choices
1) get bully or get hit or get kills or get injured?
2) fight back or injured him and run or save someone…etc

Am I too old to learn Jeet Kune Do?

There is one question that gets asked above all the rest, one thing that everyone wants to know: can I still learn JKD at 40,…50,…58 am I too old?

No, of course, you’re not too old, Never too old to learn self-defense, people have this misconception think that need a lot of physical fitness endurance in order to learn. Of course, I don’t expect you to be like 20-year-old guy fitness level. Learn the correct timing, distance to strike to defense yourself. Just treat it as a fitness training and gain self-confidence.

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