Can Original Jeet Kune Do be adapted in MMA fight? 

Is there any successful MMA competitors with using JKD techniques? Eric Paulson has competed in MMA, but he is from a JKD concepts background.

Bruce Lee’s Original JKD is meant to be a street fight was never designed for a sport it’s designed to inflict the most damage to your aggressor on the street that’s we go for more vital targets. We are training these things to be instinctive so it’s hard to turn them off.

If you put JKD man in MMA fight is like restrict an animal that can not use its fangs and teeth. No more wild animal fighting there.

You can apply the JKD principles to sports fighting and fit in with rules. A lot of stuff we train for stand up and the ground game would be illegal in the ring/cage so you would have to change your mind game too. Take away the finger jab and groin kick

So when JKD was to use it in the ring with rules etc, it would no longer be JKD.

It would be very difficult to follow the rules because we train it to be instinctive, having our deadly tools come out all by themselves. This is our goal I don’t strike it strike itself and end the fight fast.

But some people argue that these excuses are made by some people who just don’t like competition in MMA.

Bruce Lee considered JKD to be a total martial art. In being a total martial art I believe a practitioner can do with it what they wish. It’s pretty simple if your goal is self-defense in the street then train with that in mind and if your goal is competition then train with that in mind. If you can do both it will be great.

Bruce Lee train Joe Lewis, Mike Stone, Chuck Norris, and a few others in JKD for competition. So yes JKD can be used in competition you must be just a superhuman athlete like Bruce Lee.

JKD can be adapted to use in the ring. If Bruce were alive today he would be training people to fight in the ring and winning! He was a martial artist and a smart man. He would be testing his stuff out any way he could.

It’s like learning how to finger jab to the eye. You learn how to hit the target as quickly, cleanly, and as accurately as possible. You also learn so you can have the control not to strike the eye to the wrong people, at the wrong time. We want to have the control to use it when we need it.

Now, if it’s life or death, that’s totally different. We want to have the control to turn on instantly the switch to survival fight mode end of the fight fast or sport mode

Personally, I think we should know how to control when to use survival fight mode end of the fight fast

That is what made JKD so special is adaptability

“Be Like Water My Friends” – Bruce Lee



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