Bruce Lee’s Martial Art 

Development of Jeet Kune Do. The intensive research of different martial arts training and evaluation of various sorts of modern day training methods were for just one reason that was to establish on his own a much better martial artist.

Bruce Lee didn’t believe his art as a style but a blending of principles for developing the martial mind and body. Developing on the precept of self-knowledge simply by self-discovery. Thus he utilized his schools in form of a sort of living laboratory use full contact sparring to analysis a technique could possibly be made as to its effectiveness.

Modified Wing Chun during period of Seattle

Jun Fan Gung Fu during period of Oakland

Birth of Jeet Kune Do during period of L. A. Chinatown.

The physical goal for JKD practitioners is perpetual development of Jeet Kune Do to be more simpler, more direct,  speed, timing, footwork and power to end the fight fast.

After Bruce Lee’s cessation of life in 1973 , two different schools of Jeet Kune Do have been developed; original JKD, which is usually proclaimed the same as the art Bruce Lee carried out and JKD concepts, which uses Bruce Lee’s creative concepts to martial arts techniques taken from several Indonesian, Philippine together with Thai styles.

Bruce Lee believed that when we learn something new, as we gain knowledge and proficiency we progress through three stages of cultivation

Bruce Lee Stages of Cultivation

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