20 July 2016 mark the 43rd anniversary of Bruce Lee death . Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940, Bruce Lee’s professional career was more than just a great actor, perhaps most influential martial artist of all time, he was an icon, an all-around inspiration to everyone all around the world.

In 1966 television “The Green Hornet,” he was found popularity in the USA portraying Kato. In 1972 film ‘Way of the Dragon’, he touched the hearts of millions of men and women. His legacy keeps growing to spread given that new generations of fans are gaining knowledge of his unique legacy.

Today, 43 years after Bruce Lee’s cessation of life, and his personality still resonate strongly within all of us. Even though Bruce Lee will no longer be physically right here, his presence is definitely more powerful than ever.

Bruce Lee had a philanthropist’s mentality along with a philanthropist’s heart simply because he really wanted to motivate individuals to be their very best selves by way of his philosophy on self-actualization, simply being like water, and also living in the flow of daily life.



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