When you are abroad holiday for beware of crazy people.

As long you are alert, knowing your surroundings, be sensitive to people body language, sensitive to their movement and sensitive to sound behind you when you walking or sitting.

Work in teams if you are traveling in a group.

Example: in a restaurant or pub, club, disco…anywhere ask your friends cover your back and you cover his back. Both of you already can cover 360° view. But your friends must be alert too. If you are alone than your back have to face the wall it is safer using glass or mirror in front of you watch your own back. Brief your friend what to do if something bad happens.

When you are in a physical confrontation try to de-escalate violent situations all are the first choice but sometimes we have no choice we have to fight and defense ourselves if we can’t avoid the danger situation So knowing your safe distance is importance how to use defensive GESTURES to prevent sucker punch and finally intercept a person’s intention to strike.

That why in my Jeet Kune Do training is so special I teach my students the three A’s

Awareness, Avoidance, Attack

Without the first Awareness, you are as good as no martial arts training at all.

We not only teach our students how to do JKD unarmed combat but also knife self-defense.



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