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Welcome to Jeet Kune Do Training Group Singapore the leading JKD training group by Nico Yeo JKD instructor that focus extensively on developed top quality personalize street fighting skills for individual through isolating specific JKD training drills for speed, power, accuracy, energy… etc

Personal survival skills in street self-defense are our top list of training drills giving our students the skills to be confidence, able to identify, avoid and survive. Students putting on the protective gear and going full contact in a realistic scenario training drills, multiple attacker scenarios, a robbery scenario attack with a knife,  the ability to handle yourself in these scenarios using your JKD skills.

Nico Yeo' JKD
Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do

Simple. Direct. Non-classical

Scientific Functional Self Defense Martial Arts

Give You The Essential Tools You Need to Survive Deadly Combat!

Empower Yourself, Unleash The Warrior Within.




If you have mere seconds to survive,

help is just a few minutes away !

Have You Been Searching For A Simple, Yet Effective Method Of Self-defense That Really Works In The Street?

Is There Really A Way You Can Learn To Defend Yourself In Virtually Any Situation, Quickly And Easily?

Discover The Amazing Winning Secret JKD Fighting Method No Matter What Your Age!


The positive aspects you actually can expect to see from my JKD training.

CheckMark-Orange Becoming increasingly sensitive to your personal surrounding

CheckMark-OrangeStrengthening your most effective weapon – Your mind 

CheckMark-OrangeDealing with fright as well as executing efficiently under pressure

CheckMark-OrangeEstablishing your personal self confidence via personal defence training programs

CheckMark-OrangeAcquiring power over your personal psychological and mental well being

CheckMark-OrangeQuickly becoming less vulnerable by eliminating your victim potential 

CheckMark-OrangeTraining drills to transform you into more healthy , more fit as well as psychological stronger while understanding efficiency hand-to-hand combat tactics

CheckMark-OrangeBoosting your actual potent self improvement through our personal defence training programs

Customers I have worked with

Check Out What My Students Are Saying

Personally, I live in Tampines, but every single week I look forward to training with Nico at Choa Chu Kang. Nico’s teachings are easy to understand, practical, effective and powerful. He covers a holistic aspect to Jeet Kune Do, not just the physical aspect, but the mental and emotional aspect as well.
I highly recommend his training to those who are looking to learn a lucrative skill-set which may one day save your life, or this could even be a form of practice to keep you active, healthy and fit!

Gin Seah

The Lifestyle & Business Artist, The Empowered Choice

Very dedicated instructor, with very practical skills and application! Worth attending if one wants to gain self defence skills !
Bing Han

Combat Medic, Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)

Very straight forward martial art. Bruce Lee is a legend, so learn to become one from a great teacher.
Fariz Omar

Lifeguard, Active SG

Practical, straightforward and effective. And Nico is certainly one great master to learn from.
Jackson Kho

Pilot, Singapore Airlines (SIA)

This is the first ever martial arts i have ever taken up in my whole life and honestly it is actually quite fun. I get to learn parts of other martial arts eg. wing chun, boxing in JKD. It’s truly a non conventional martial art which emphasize more on practicality and efficiency in movement rather than flashy moves and kicks. It may not seem like there is any interesting at the start if you just take 1 or 2 lessons but after a while you will find that there is beauty in the efficiency of movement. The Instructor who teaches here is easy to understand and provides realistic examples and applications of moves learnt. In overall, the instructor is well rounded and very knowledgeable in his craft. I would highly recommend this if you want to take up self defense or martial art.
Darren See KT

Student, Nanyang Technological University

Started with JKD under another boxing based instructor, and was introduced to Tommy’s JKD under Nico. He is very patient and versatile in terms of training. Ever since started training with him, never looked back. Its been about 2yrs since i trained with him, however due to personal commitment, had to stop training for the moment. Definitely a well-versed instructor with a lot of martial arts background. He is versatile and flexible in terms of the way he trains to adapt every other situations encounter on the streets.
Karl Ngo

Relationship Manager · Singapore Forex, American Express

I have an interest in JKD mainly due to Bruce Lee. I want to learn how to adapt to any situation and strike with ‘it’ this interest leads me to do research on him. After looking around I found Niico who teaches JKD I did not hesitate and immediately decided to learn.

For me Nico teaching is easy to learn and applicable to real life situation due to it’s simple and direct methods. There is no multiple steps to a single move hence it is easy to learn.

Training is fun and interactive and you can feel yourself improving in terms of reaction and confidences. I feel that JKD is the art form that suits me and I’m glad that I have joined Nico’s class and I would gladly recommend JKD to anyone who wants to learn simple and practical self defense or any martial arts junkie you will not regret it

Jonathan Yue

Paramedic, Singapore Civil Defence Force

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